Veterans First, Inc.                    New York, VA Chapter 1





2011 Projects

•  Helped to acquire clothing and needed items for Mr. John Fitzpatrick - Vietnam Veteran (amputee – 1 foot) at Manor Care Health Services on Stratford Hall, 2125 Hilliard Road, Henrico VA. .

•  Quartermaster sales at the VA Hospital on Feb. 1 and 2, 2011


2010 Projects

•  Bought Amtrak ticket for veteran to go to Washington, DC to apply for benefits.

•  Gave money to church that feeds homeless in Monroe Park.

•  Gave Money to Sgt. Grant Petty Poker Run benefiting Air National Guard.

•  Paid for hotel room for vet over the Labor Day weekend.

•  Donation to Wreaths Across America.

•  Paid deposit to get handicapped vet into housing. (Lisa)

•  Paid for veteran, his wife and son to stay a motel then moved them into Tigger's house.

•  Gave money to Fisher House.

•  Tigger paid for bus ticket for veteran to go home.

•  Two $150.00 gift cards for Wal Mart and bought book bags for stand down.

•  Dwayne paid for home veteran to stay at hotel and then at his home until VA could obtain him housing. (Wayne)

•  Tigger paid for veteran to stay at hotel over night until Ray Patterson at VA could get him into a program.

•  Wrote check to Robert McKay to help with rent and utilities.

•  Donation of clothes and items left over from A & N to Stand Down.

•  Black couple displaced by fire made donation to help them out. $200.00.

•  Bought clothes for homeless veteran and paid for hotel room for two weeks. (Teardrop)

•  Bought two batteries for Veterans wheelchair.

•  Bought train ticket for veteran to get her and her wheel chair and belongings to Atlanta, GA.

•  Paid for transmission to be fixed so vet could go home to North Carolina.

•  Gave check to church that feeds homeless in Monroe Park.

•  Doug and Chris helped build a ramp for Haystack.

•  Donation to Wreaths Across America.


Please check back soon with pictures!

12/2009 - A local disabled Vet's house caught on fire and received considerable damage. Veterans First, Inc.
took part in helping him recover some of what he had lost in the fire. VF gave a $200 donation and members,
'Wolf' and 'Beannie Baby' Jackson donated a full set of living room furniture. He was very appreciative
and is now residing back in his repaired home..



April 18, 2009 - Veterans First members came together to help a Veteran in need. Jimmy
Duke, a disabled veteran who needs the assistance of a wheel chair, had some floors in his
home that needed repair and really were unsafe. The carpet and vinyl was cut away, new
2x4's, 2x6's and plywood replaced the damaged areas and the carpet and vinyl was replaced
with new. Veterans First, Inc. would like to thank Jacques Gits for donating the wood and Mr.
Jeter of Jeters Carpets for donating the carpet and vinyl. We all left knowing that we had made
someones life better that had put his life on the line for us.
Thanks to all for your hard work and dedication.






                                                                    Jimmy's beloved dog Jarhead made sure 

                                                                                   everyone behaved.


Fall 2008 - Veterans First members along with some friends and family helped a Veteran in need.
The floor in his home was in desperate need of replacing. Thanks to all for their hard work.






This car was bought, fixed up and donated to a female Iraq veteran and her son who found themselves homeless.
She needed transportation in order for her to get a job and provide for her child. We were glad to be able to help.




•  Setting up our poker run for June 25th.

•  Collecting items for Stand down at the VA hospitol, Stand down takes place in december.


•  John Sweat's dad's house needs replacing. It is in need of repair and he is veteran in poor health and unable to do it himself. His mother has been in the hospital and is not in good health either. We need decide on a date and time for completing this project.